Pioneer Valley Folklore Society Happenings

November 2018


  • Jerry Bryant will join Nov. 3 Song & Story Swap
  • Upcoming local shows

Jerry Bryant will join November 3 Song & Story Swap

Please come share in an evening of music and stories at the Pioneer Valley Folklore Society Song & Story Swap.

Saturday, November 3, 7:00 p.m. at the The Nacul Center, 592 Main St., Amherst, Mass (see map).

Guest performer at the November 3 Song & Story Swap will be singer and song collector, Jerry Bryant.

Jerry Bryant will join Nov. 3 Song & Story Swap in AmherstJerry Bryant is a songwriter andballadeer with a special interest in themusic of sailors.  He has been featured in the San Francisco National Maritime Historic Park's sea music concert series, Mystic Seaport Museum's annual Sea Music Festival, South Street Seaport in New York, and many others. Jerry's composition, The Ballad of Harbo and Samuelsen has been performed and recorded by several folk artists and is the title cut of his first recording. His release, Roast Beef of Old England, is a collection of traditional songs from the man-of-war days of the British Navy, and is a companion to the seafaring novels of Patrick O'Brian.

Jerry has explored and interpreted folk song for most of his life. He delights in finding forgotten songs and  breathing new life into them, finding it remarkable how fresh and vigorous a 200-year-old song can be when presented with artistry and enthusiasm. Modern compositions, too, form a significant part of his repertoire, especially those that tell a story.

Jerry Bryant regards the highest and best use of a song to be as a vehicle for making music together, with everyone joining in on chorus and refrain.

For the November Song & Story Swap, he invites the audience to join him for a set of some of his favorites of the past two centuries and to share personal favorites with a group of fellow song lovers.

Find out more about Jerry Bryant at

The theme this month is History. This month's opening round theme is History

Upcoming local shows

11/1 - Pat & Tex LaMountain, A Beautiful Future. Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center, 289 Main Street, Greenfield, MA. 7:00pm.

11/2 - Alice Howe and Freebo. First Fridays @Coho. Pioneer Valley Cohousing, 120 Pulpit Hill Rd., Amherst, MA. 7:30pm.

11/9 - Eva Capelli, Bob Chabot, Orlen & Gabriel. Acoustic Night. Northampton UU, 220 Main St, Northampton, MA. 7:00pm.

11/17 - Ben Tousley and Paul Kaplan. Mount Toby Concerts. Mount Toby Friends Meeting House, 194 Long Plain Rd., Leverett, MA. 7:30pm. Info: 413-336-2589.

11/18 - Gordon Kramer. House Concert. 41 Briar Hill Rd., Williamsburg, MA. 3:00pm.

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