Dean Stevens will join October 3 Song & Story Swap via Zoom

Please come share in an evening of music and stories at the Pioneer Valley Folklore Society Song & Story Swap.

Saturday, October 3, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Due to the ongoing pandemic precautions, this month’s event will be conducted online via Zoom. To register please visit dakxKI80swCjlAu5nHtYieK or click the button below:

Viewers may also watch the event via YouTube Livestream beginning at 7pm on October 3.

The featured performer at the October 3 Song & Story Swap will be singer-songwriter Dean Stevens.

Singer-songwriter Dean Stevens will join PVFS Song & Story Swap on Oct 3 Dean Stevens is a performer of distinctive style and wit, combining an intricate, self-taught guitar style with a versatile and expressive singing voice. For several decades he has delighted audiences of all ages throughout the Americas.

Dean is a widely admired creator and interpreter of a spectrum of songs in English and Spanish. His own material explores a variety of personal and social topics, painting sketches of people and places, celebrating the Earth, and annoying the narrow minded.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Dean is a lifelong student of Latin America. He learned Spanish at an early age, and readily absorbed the musical and topical influences of the region.

Dean Stevens has five highly acclaimed recordings to his credit. His 2009 release, At Last (Volcano Records), co-produced with Eric Kilburn, is a collection of songs in English and Spanish, with guest appearances by Cindy Kallet, Aoife O'Donovan. Laura Cortese and others.

Register to catch Dean Stevens perform live over Zoom on October 3.

Learn more about Dean Stevens at

This month’s opening round theme is Sky This month's opening round theme is 'Sky'

Looking ahead to next month, the November 7 Song & Story Swap will feature folksinger Geoff Kaufman. Stay tuned for details.

The Song & Story Swap is held on the first Saturday of each month, excepting July and August, and is jointly sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Folklore Society and the Nacul Center. Visit the Folklore Society website at

The Song & Story Swap is open to the public, free of charge with donations accepted ($5 - $10 is suggested). Donations to the featured performer may be made securely via credit card or Paypal at

People of all ages gather to share stories and songs that are traditional, newly written, or of personal experiences. You can tell, sing, or lead everyone in singing, or request a song or story. Listeners are welcome.

For information contact Paul Kaplan, (413)-687-5002 or visit

Sing Out the Vote! with Annie Patterson & Peter Blood

Annie Patterson & Peter Blood of Rise Up Singing and Rise Again fame are staging a series of virtual concerts to benefit the Movement Voter Project, a grassroots organization dedicated to getting out the vote in November.

Remaining concerts aimed at getting out the vote in Florida; NC & GA; and Pennsylvania will be held on October 1, 2 and 3 at 7pm.

Sing Out the Vote! with Annie Patterson and Peter Blood

Find out more and register at Sing Out The Vote!.

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October 1, 2020