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May 2024


Doc Hollister will be May 4 Song & Story Swap guest

Doc Hollister will join will May 4 Song & Story Swap

Please come share in an evening of music and stories at the Pioneer Valley Folklore Society Song & Story Swap.

Saturday, May 4, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at First Church, 165 Main St., Amherst, MA. Free parking is available in back of the church, and the meeting room is near the front.

Guest performer for the May 4 Song & Story Swap will be pianist and singer Doc Hollister.

Doc Hollister combines the skills of a gifted musician and singer with a winning humility and penchant for humor that deepen his connection with his audiences.

He declares that he comes from a long line of entertainers (affectionately known as “Line E" at the Unemployment Office.)

Originally hailing from Syracuse, NY, Doc was classically trained on violin, piano, and voice. In his early twenties, Doc enjoyed success fiddling with both the Erie and Florida Philharmonics until, as he claims, he accidentally tore the toupee off the concertmaster's head with his violin bow...she was not pleased.

Not one to let lack of ability stand in his way, Doc had a go with Shari Lewis, Buddy Rich, Doc Severinsen, Roberta Peters, Dan Seals, and George Hamilton IV, only, as he relates, to discover that his lack of ability did stand in his way.

Doc moved to Nashville, making everyone there aware of the extent of his talents; curiously, they let him stay, performing with Helen Cornelius and Jim Ed Brown on the Grand Ole Opry his very first week in town.

He soon scored big as a musician (yes, really) for Capitol/Nashville recording artist Billy Dean, and remained with Billy for twelve years, forming a close personal bond with the acclaimed country singer who still refers to Doc as "OldWhat'sHisName!"

There have been reported sightings of Doc on the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Good Morning America, Austin City Limits, Hee-Haw, and as Floyd Cramer in "A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline."

A cd for solo piano, Silent Night, turned out, Doc apologizes, to be not as silent as some have wished.

Prepare to be amused and enthralled by Doc Hollister at the May 4 Song & Story Swap in Amherst.

This month’s opening round theme is Forgiveness This month's opening round theme is 'Forgiveness'

The May 4 Song & Story Swap is being held in person at First Church, 165 Main St. in Amherst, Mass., at 7pm. Parking is available in the lot behind the church.

Looking ahead to next month, on June 1, 2024 the Song & Story Swap will present the return of Acoustic Beatles Night which serves as our annual fundraiser. Come prepared to perform a song by or related to The Beatles, or just to listen. See the event one-pager for details.

The Song & Story Swap is held on the first Saturday of each month, excepting July and August, and is organized by the Pioneer Valley Folklore Society. Visit the Folklore Society website at

The Song & Story Swap is open to the public, free of charge with donations accepted ($5 - $10 is suggested).

People of all ages gather to share stories and songs that are traditional, newly written, or of personal experiences. You can tell, sing, or lead everyone in singing, or request a song or story. Listeners are welcome.

For information contact Paul Kaplan, (413)-687-5002 or visit

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